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Richard Stallman’s Ethics

Photo from chrys photostream I went to listen to Richard Stallman at U.C. Berkeley on “Copyright vs Community in the Age of Computer Networks”. At the end I asked Richard about my publishing software under LGPL with one part free (PHP and javascript code) and another part copyrighted (flash code.) He told me I was […]

Discussing Digg V3 Video Category at Barcamp SF (3:23)

Play Quicktime version Eddie Codel, Jay Dedman, Ryanne Hodson and I talk about the Digg v3 Video cateogry.

In The TechCrunch Kitchen (6:07)

The discussions between Steve Gillmor, Robert Scoble and Munjal Shah (CEO & Co-Founder of Riya) in the kitchen during the Riya launch at TechCrunch Meetup 4.