In The TechCrunch Kitchen

Here's some spoon fulls of what was cooking in the TechCrunch Kitchen on November 18, 2005.  The audio wasn't optimal since it's a small, somewhat enclosed space with other people's voices bouncing and creating interfering.  So I subtitled (abbreviating some of the sentences) in parts.

  1. 0:04: Robert Scoble on a blogging web service that automaticaly highlights, searchs and find tags in other services related to the text as it's typed in.
  2. 1:35:  Munjal Shah, CEO & Co-Founder of Riya, on the value of blogs to company PR.
  3. 2:15:  Munjal on the release of Riya alpha 2.
  4. 2:38:  Munjal on the next step in Riya, the discovery search.  Everybody's photo metadata is searchable, but access to private photos is through a negotiated access control.
  5. 3:20:  Steve Gilmor asks Munjal whether if it will be institutionalized that the metadata is open.