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Before We Can Add Years to Life, We Must Add Life to Years

On June 28th Dr. Laura Briggs of Sierra Sciences talked at the Aging 2008 Conference in UCLA on "The Struggle to Keep our Telomeres Long." The talk is 33 minutes long and described as: One basic quality of human life is that every time our cells divide the tips of our chromosomes get shorter. This […]

Aging 2008 panel Q&A: How Fast Will Stem Cell Research Adavance

During the panel at Aging 2008, Michael West, Gregory Stock and William Haseltine respond to how quickly stem cell research is expected to produce results.

Michael West announces

During the panel discussion at Aging 2008, Michael West announced A wikipedia or database for stem cell research.

Leading up to Aging 2008

I went to Los Angeles on Friday, June 28th for the Aging 2008 (and Understand Aging) conference. This is a look around UCLA Royce Hall before the conference.

Back from Understanding Aging conference

Just got back from the Understanding Aging conference. I’ll soon have some video up here. And will announce a new on near future predictions where more of this type of material will exist.

Ars Technica & Gizmodo WWDC Party

The Ars Technica & Gizmodo WWDC Party on June 10th at Harlot.

Richard Stallman’s Ethics

Photo from chrys photostream I went to listen to Richard Stallman at U.C. Berkeley on “Copyright vs Community in the Age of Computer Networks”. At the end I asked Richard about my publishing software under LGPL with one part free (PHP and javascript code) and another part copyrighted (flash code.) He told me I was […]

iPhoneDevCamp Walkthrough

I arrived at iPhoneDevCamp Saturday, June 7th, mid-afternoon. I walked through shooting people intently working on their hacks. Tags: iPhone, iPhoneDevCamp, Barcamp, Adobe

JPG Magazine Party

On April 20th JPG Magazine threw a party at SFAC Gallery. Tags: jpgmagazine, sfacgallery

SupperHappyDevHouse 0b10000

Open in ThickBox Video of SupperHappyDevHouse 16 shot for 10 seconds every 30 minutes. Tags: shdh, shdh16